The Berl Katznelson Center (BKC)

Building the ideas, policies and leadership of liberal Zionism

Our story

The Berl Katznelson Foundation was established in 1946 to carry the political and ideological legacy of Berl Katznelson, a founding leader of the Labor Movement and one of the creators of Israel’s social building blocks, including Klalit HMO, Davar newspaper and Solel Boneh the public construction company. Over the past decade, the Berl Katznelson Center (BKC), under the Berl Katznelson Foundation, has been operating as a think-and-do tank that builds long-term infrastructures for liberal Zionism in Israel. We do so out of belief in the power of ideas, and the ability of quality, devoted leadership to advance them, and out of a deep commitment to shaping the future of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state with all its citizens equal.

BKC is proud to be a partnering creator of a variety of programs and projects