About the Berl Katznelson Center (BKC)

We believe that to build the future of an equal Israeli society, we must build long-term infrastructures by investing in ideas and in people. That is what Berl Katznelson did when he laid institutional infrastructures that shaped Zionism and the State of Israel. That is also what we need to do today, in a different reality with different challenges.

BKC, as a think-and-do tank promoting equality, does so through three main levels:

On the ideas-development level, we develop the ideas at the heart of progressive Zionism – from universal social services, through peace, to civic equality – and make them accessible to various audiences through the Telem magazine, the Telem Online website, the Ofek book series and the Be’eri Press books, as well as social media platforms and public campaigns, an annual conference, and various events.


On the research and policy level, we develop practical public policy programs, based on the ideas and legislative tools for all to use – from elected officials to the professional civil service.


On the leadership level, we cultivate young leaders, building their know-how and capacity to later integrate into influential arenas in Israeli society.